Producător de mobilă din lemn masiv şi panouri furniruite.

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    Located in the town RADAUTI from SUCEAVA city - ROMANIA , Mobila Rădăuţi is the major furniture producer in this area until now.

     Created at the begining in 1960 as a result of the development politics with only one department, then in 1966 a second department was built, our company was producing in 1989 furniture for export (90% of the production) and had more than 2000 workers.

     After 1990 as a result of internal conjunctions and of the furniture market our company's activity changed. Right now there are about 480 workers and our activity is adapting according to the market demands.

     With more than 40 years of experience our company keeps it's reputation of professional furniture maker.


Our managers are:

President of the Administration Council - Pricop Florin

General Manager - Munteanu Catalin


Contact details:

Adress: România, Jud. Suceava
Rădăuţi 725400, Str. Volovăţului nr. 82

Tel: +40-230-561539 / +40-230-561938 (fixed phone)

Fax: +40-230-562097 / +40-230-560185
e-mail: mobilaradauti@yahoo.com